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What others are saying:

Wow! A fantastic course.


I highly recommend this course. It equipped me with the knowledge and skills to be a leader rather than a boss. It improved my interpersonal relationships and most importantly, it resulted in me understanding myself more holistically and growing as a person.

COAL enables you to reflect and reposition yourself to grow, learn and develop as a leader and an individual.

Alice - MD and Founder

The beauty about this programme is that it embraces the intricacies of human nature building on ones positive values and empowering me in getting out of my own way. I have matured greatly since completing the programme because with everything I do, I do it whilst consciously conscious of my immediate environment and the impact it may or may not have.

The Core of how to lead and be an Assertive Leader


The course was well displayed and informative. Many factors that I can use to better myself as a leader to be more inspiring to others and to reach goals/outcome in a more positive and productive way.

The Core of Assertive Leadership Programme


The Core of Assertive Leadership Programme as a whole was a great course and would recommend it in an instant. Makes you think in ways that you never thought possible.

Very helpful


Gave me a different look at the world in private life and work.



I really enjoyed doing this course and consider myself extremely lucky to have been given the opportunity to take it. This course has helped me to not only identify some of the destructive habits and ways of thinking that I have (and wasn't even aware of), but also gave great insight on how to correct them. I have been able to apply what I have learnt here not only to my workplace, but also my personal life. Thanks PSYGRO!'
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The COAL Programme™

An Introduction

Programme curriculum

55 lessons : 9.5 hours of learning

  • 1

    An introduction to your programme facilitator (2 min).

    • A warm hello.

  • 2

    Welcome to The Core Of Assertive Leadership (13 min).

    • Welcome and Overview.

    • Outcomes and Structure of the Programme.

  • 3

    Course 1: Waking Up Self-Awareness (4 hours).

    • A) Waking up Self-Awareness - A quick check-in (Please note: There are no right or wrong answers).

    • Waking up Self-Awareness - Outcomes and Focus Question.

    • Waking Up Self-Awareness - Definition, Benefits, Challenges.

    • The 5 steps to waking up self-awareness - An overview.

    • Step 1 - Meeting our 2 "who we are's".

    • A quick check in on self-esteem.

    • Personal Reflection of our 4 "selfs" using the Johari window model.

    • Step 2: Handout to download - Mindsets and how we build them.

    • Step 2: Thinking about what we think about.

    • Our lens on the world lies in our mind, not our eyes.

    • How do we think about what we think about?

    • Step 3: Turning our possibility into intention.

    • Setting daily standards from within, just for today.

    • Possibility Reflection Exercise.

    • Step 4: Activating our why.

    • Activate your why exercise.

    • Step 5: Meet what we seek.

    • Probability Reflection Exercise.

    • To recap.

    • B) Waking up Self-Awareness - A quick check-out (Please note: There are no right or wrong answers).

  • 4

    Course 2: Critical Concepts of Human Behaviour (1.5 hours).

    • C) Concepts of Human Behaviour - A quick check-in (Please note: There are no right or wrong answers).

    • Definition, Outcomes and Focus Question.

    • Categorising the four patterns of Human Behaviour.

    • The link between Mindsets and Behaviour.

    • Identifying the Integrated Patterns of Behaviour.

    • Handout to download - Integrated Patterns of Behaviour.

    • A quick review on Human Behaviour.

    • Handout - A Guide to Behaviour Identification.

    • D) Concepts of Human Behaviour - A quick check-out (Please note: There are no right or wrong answers).

  • 5

    Course 3: The Dynamics of Human Interaction (1.5 hours)

    • E) The Dynamics of Human Interaction - A quick check-in (Please note: There are no right or wrong answers).

    • Outcomes and Focus Question.

    • Why is mindset so important in our interactions?

    • Mindset and our interactions.

    • Handout - Understanding Behaviour.

    • Identifying interactions between people.

    • Handout - Mindful Interpersonal Relationships and Communication.

    • Quick Review.

    • F) The Dynamics of Human Interaction - A quick check-out (Please note: There are no right or wrong answers).

  • 6

    Course 4: Preparing for the Reframe - Changing Mindsets (2.5 hours).

    • G) Preparing for the Reframe - A quick check-in (Please note: There are no right or wrong answers).

    • Introduction, Outcomes and Focus Question.

    • Decoding the fine line between habitual reaction and constructive engagement.

    • Handout - A Guide to Healthy Thinking.

    • Notice my Expectations Reflection Exercise.

    • Handout - Possible questions to ask yourself in "Reframing your Mindset".

    • Notice my Emotions Reflection Exercise.

    • Handout - Possible "Emotion Words"

    • TEST and REFRAME your MINDSET.

    • We are only one thought away from a different experience.

    • The 5 Step Hack to Reframing Mindset and Behaviour.

    • Preparing for the Reframe Reflection Exercise.

    • H) Preparing for the Reframe - A quick check-out (Please note: There are no right or wrong answers).

  • 7

    In Summary (6 min).

    • The AB4C’s leadership environment™.

Interested in engaging groups within your organisation in this leadership programme?

Join us on a 4-week online facilitator-guided group learning journey.

PsyGro's Core of Assertive Leadership Programme (COAL) interactive group learning journey includes community activities, weekly live, online facilitator-led sessions and gamification. COAL for groups is an engaging and cost effective way of implementing key assertive leadership principles training for your team to ensure that both existing employees and new hires are aligned with a common framework, knowledge base and language of leadership.


  • Help please! I lost my password or log-in information.

    (1) Take a nice, deep breath. It's all good. We're here to help you. navigate your way back into the programme. (2) Go to: https://landscapeoflearning.psygro.co.za/users/sign_in (3) Type in your email address. (4) Click on "Forgot password?" (5) Check your email inbox for further instructions on how to reset your password and access the programme.

  • Do you have a refund policy?

    This programme is designed to guide and inspire you with insights to empower you to be the leader that is within you. If it is not right for you, fear not! We will provide you with a full refund within the first 5 days of you enrolling in the course. Please just pop us an email at hello@psygro.co.za.

  • How long will I have access to this programme?

    This programme is designed as a fully on-demand, self-paced programme for you to learn at your own pace. You will have access to the programme for 3 months from the date of your enrolment. Enjoy the learning journey!